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This project is a more elaborate way to flip a coin. it is very simple to work it you push a button and two led's will come on and when you let go of the button it will leave on light on just like fliping a coin. This is also a fun dementration of a transitor oselator if you hold the button down the curcuit osolates when the button is released it stops and one of the LED's stays let hence coin toss machine. When C1 charges Q2 becomes forward biased "turns on" discharging C2 then C2 reves biased Q1 is how it osolates.


Step 1
Put it on a bread board and follow the schematic to make sure it works before you put it on a PC board.

step 2

After you get it working on a bread board put it on a PC board and put it in a container and add a switch to turn it on and off.

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