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What is Electricity Lesson Plan


Introdution Game


If this is the first class of the year it is nice to state the class with a game. Here is a suggested game:

 Give each student 10 Skittles.  Instruct them that they are not allowed to eat until they earn the candy. To earn the candy they must introduce themselves and answer questions.  There is a question for each color of candy, and if they want to eat that candy the must answer it's question.

                 RED         =             Why are you taking this class?

                 GREEN    =             What do you what to be?

                 YELLOW  =             Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.

                 Orange    =             What do you dislike to do?

                 BLUE       =             What is one of you hobbys?

                 WHITE     =             FREE BI


*you many want to tell the students that they should save the candy for the upcoming boring video.



Show "link to video" important parts are 0-3:06, 4:40-5:50, 7:12-2:10 (of part to)


Take a tube and fill it with marbles. Explain that the marble represent electrons and the tube a conductor.

Ask what will happen if we push a new marble in one side? (one will come out)

Discus the following:

     What is the speed of the electron vs. speed of electricity. (1mm/hr vs light speed)

    Polarity / Direction

    Pressure / Voltage

    Flow / Quantity / Current

Review Game Play a review game like basketball.

Here are some items to review:


Classroom rules, $20, Calculator, Clean Up,

Voltage / Pressure

Current / Flow

Polarity / Diretion

Speed to of electrons vs electricity

Atomic structure

Insulators - what it is and name examples

Conductors  - what it is and name examples


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