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L.  O.  P.  S.

Light Organ Power Strip


What You Will Need:

  • Power strip
  • Triac Transistor  6071AG
  • Female auxiliary port (2)
  • Wire and wire strippers
  • Solder and soldering iron
  • Drill or dremel
  • Hot glue or crazy glue

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  1. Carefully pry open your power strip. Check for screws on the bottom.
  2. Cut the white wire on the inside.
  3. Solder the side of the wire that is still attached to the power strip to the middle prong of the transistor.
  4. Solder the other end of the white wire (that is still connected to the power chord) to one of the outer ends of the transistor.
  5. Solder another wire from the white wire (power chord side) to the ground prong on one of your female auxiliary ports.
  6. Solder a wire from the right stereo prong of your auxiliary port to the other open end of the transistor.
  7. Solder a wire from the left stereo prong to the the left stereo prong on your other auxiliary port.
  8. Solder a wire from the ground prong of your second auxiliary port to the white wire (that is connected to the power chord).
  9. Now, take your drill and drill two holes in the side of the case (wherever you like) that are wide enough to put the two auxiliary ports through.
  10. Glue each of the auxiliary ports to one of the holes so that you can put an audio cable through it.
  11. Finally, rearrange everything so that it fits in the power strip case and then close it and put the screws back in.


Triac Data Sheet: