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LED shades


The LED Shades project is a simple but fun little project with cool results.  Sixteen carfully connected rows of LEDs are wired independetly acros the pinhole glasses.  Each of the sixteen rows are coneted to an indivijual pin on a PIC16f690. The PIC is the brain of the project.  It was programed in assebly.  The PIC not only runs as the brains but acts as the LED driver too.  This project can be used in may different ways.  We have used it to build Christmass tree stars, decorate game contolers, and many other things.  Please take a look at the following instuction, and pics below, and don’t miss the video!




Step 1:

Carfully construst 16 rows of LEDs evenly spaed across the pinhole glasses.  Take your time and check each row as you go to insure the LEDs are working prperly.  


Step 2:

 Then atach each row of LEDs to the proper pin of the PIC as shown in the schematic.

Step 3:

 Make the final touches, add a switch, color to hide wire


Step 4:

Show them off!


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