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(Jesse's Amazing Metal Detector)

JAMD Description

This verry simple circuit will detect gold or metal or coins at a distance of approx 20cm – depending on the size of the object.

The circuit oscillates at approx 140khz and a harmonic of this frequency is detected by an AM radio.

Simply tune the until a squeal is detected when the search coil is placed near a metal object, the frequency of the circuit will change and this will be heard from the speaker.

The  layout of the circuit is shown and the placement of the radio.


JAMD Schematic

JAMD set #1A

Read your schematic and put it on a bread board

JAMD Set #1B

JAMD Set #1C

JAMD Set #2A

Next you transfer the design from the bread board to the pc board with all the exact same components.

JAMD Set #2B


JAMD Set #2C


JAMD Set #3A

After putting it on the pc board I made a prototype outer design for the JAMD

JAMD Set #3B


JAMD Set #3C