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Duplicating a Project and Changing the Icon

Duplicating a Project

1. Copy and Paste

  • high light the project  in the Package Explorer
  • copy and paste it (CRTL C then CRTL V)  
  • a dialog box will allow you to choose a new name

2. Rename package

  • in src right click the package , click refactor, click rename, put the new info in (ioio.crtc.sensors)
  • check the "Rename subpackages" box
  • click OK

3. Fix the manifest

  • in the manifest click the manifest tab
  • under Package put the new info in the exact same at you renamed the package  (ioio.crtc.sensors) 
  • save all
  • you will have error untill step 2. Libraries

4. Libraries

you may need to reattach libraries
  1. right clicking on the new project
  2. click properties
  3. select android on the left side of the properties dialog box
  4. fix the red "X" in the library section

5. Fix Imports

you will have an error in your imports , 

comment out the line giving you an error
change it to the new name

//  import ioio.examples.hello.R;

import ioio.crtc.sensors.R;

Project from Scratch


If your makeing a new project you will need to add any required permissions. 

  • open the Manifest.xml file
  • click the Permissions tab
  • click the Add button
  • select the "android.permission.BLUETOOTH" from the pull down menu on the right half
  • save

Changeing the Icon

  1. Open the project Manifest.xml
  2. click on the Application tab at the bottom
  3. one the Icon line click on the browse button
  4. click on the Create New Icon button
  5. click Next
  6. now you have the Config Icon Set dialog box!